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Welcome to Lyndwood Tours, where your holiday fun & good times start. Since 1996 we have specialised in providing medically supported holiday opportunities for people who have a disability or require some medical assistance. Over the years clients have found their holiday to be an ideal escape and for others the fulfillment of a life long dream or that “final hurrah”…. and safe return to savor the moment.

Who better for your supported holiday than family owned and operated, Lyndwood Tours, small enough to be friendly & always there with you. Lyndwood Tours, headed by Peter & Lesley Moseley, whose registered nursing qualification’s and first-hand knowledge of medical facilities around Australia, enables seamless, professional support.

Lyndwood Tours believes that no person should be restricted from having the opportunity to take an annual holiday or vacation regardless of their disability, or level of support required.

Holidays are about you, your smiles, your happiness, your good times, your fun, your overall enjoyment, & relaxation in a new, friendly, and different environment. Getting away and having a good time, feeling free and escaping from the daily routine… all positive benefits.

Lyndwood Tour’s unique mix of Nursing and Tourism experiences has facilitated the creation and delivery of the most flexible and personalised holiday options available for those with a disability or any form of support need. Our packages are also ideally suited to nursing home residents, or as a respite care option for seniors & retirees who must maintain a strict medical regime. They are also a wonderful way to rehabilitate and celebrate after a long illness, or in preparation for hospitalisation or medical treatments. Many spinal, cancer, trauma, HIV and alzheimer patients have greatly benefited from a short break. The positive emotional, mental & physical benefits of travel, challenge and achievement are not to be ignored.

Lyndwood Tours provides a range of prepackaged, off-the-shelf holidays that cater for small groups with support needs.

or we also provide a more specialised and personalised “Dream Chaser” holiday that can be tailor made to suit an individual or couple.

The Dream Chaser holiday is designed around the daily living requirements, interests and aspirations of the individual – well worth the time, consideration and cost.

Australia is a beautiful country and has much to offer our overseas mates, tourists and guests as well as our local holiday enthusiasts

Hair Extensions Online Offer Best Variety

As women, our hair truly defines us, no matter where we are located around the world. Bad hair days lower our self-confidence and make us want to hide our mane under a hat or stay home from work or school.

That’s why the invention of hair extensions has revolutionized the way women can add glamour and personal style to their tresses in sheer minutes. Hair extensions online are a wonderful option, because there are almost endless varieties to select from.

Women purchase hair extensions primarily to enhance the beauty and lushness of their natural hair, to hide damaged, shorter locks and to add beautiful length and volume instantly. The word “instantly” is the key factor here.

If most hair grows about one half of an inch a month, it could take a year or more to achieve the longer hair you desire. So, hair extensions online solve the problem immediately, because you can a “grow” perfect long mane when you want one, and the results can be life-transforming for Eden hair extensions online.

Celebrities seem to adore hair extensions, because famous models, movie and TV stars and reality television ladies all wear them. The great news is this; you don’t have to be a rich superstar to afford hair extensions online. There are a wide range of prices available.

Hair extensions online come in synthetic or human hair. Jessica Simpson and Christie Brinkley have both revealed they wear extensions for red carpet and other public appearances. They are proud to admit that extensions have become an essential accessory, just like fashion.

If you stare at the crowning glories of both Jessica Simpson and Christie Brinkley, you would probably never realize they were wearing some fab pieces of faux hair. Both gorgeous celebrities also have their own successful clip on hair extensions online companies and wear their faux hair in front of the cameras.

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Clip on hair extensions online are a super way to choose the perfect shade and texture type for your personal mane. You can select from lots of different lengths, and you can even purchase hair extensions online that feature a set of bangs.

Extensions are safe to wear and simple to put on yourself from clip on hair extensions. You could also buy them and have a stylist arrange your extensions.

Benefits Of A Teatox Australia

Benefits Of A Teatox Australia

A teatox Australia is exactly what it sounds like. It is a method that involves detoxing the body by using tea. There are many benefits that you can reap from trying a Teatox Australia. Below is a list of reasons to give it a try:

Clear Your Skin

Tea is filled with antioxidants, which can help promote healthy skin. A Teatox Australia can help clear your skin by removing toxins. It can also help reverse the damaging effects that the sun has on the skin.

Boost Your Metabolism

If you are trying to burn fat, then you will definitely benefit from trying a Teatox Australia at reviveme tea. It can help boost your metabolism. This will not only help reduce your body fat, but it can also help you shed extra pounds. Many people try a Teatox because they want to lose weight.

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Improved Energy

If you are feeling sluggish, then it could be caused by the build up of toxins. Getting rid of these toxins can help increase your energy. You will probably have more energy to do the things that you love after you try a Teatox.

Can Help Promote Heart Health

A Teatox Australia not only helps you look better, but it can also help improve your heart health. A Teatox can help lower your cholesterol level. This helps reduce your risk of heart disease. It can also lower your blood pressure. High blood pressure is another risk factor for heart disease. Furthermore, the antioxidants in tea can help protect the heart from damage.